Know the source of every lead that comes into your business

If there was one piece of advice that I would want you to remember from this entire book, it is this. You MUST know where every lead your business receives comes from!

In order to track where your leads originate, you can ask prospects when they walk into your business or you can use special phone numbers with unique extensions in your advertisements.

You can also use simple 1-page websites designed for a specific sale, coupons, tracking codes or anything else you can think of in order to track exactly where your prospects are coming from.

At the end of the day, you absolutely need to know where your leads are coming from so that you can know exactly what’s working in your business.

Once you know where your leads are coming from, then you can begin to invest marketing in those specific areas that are generating the best leads and customers. If you fail to track where your leads originate from, you can waste thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing tactics.