Create winning ads and marketing materials that consistently put money in your pocket:

If you ever want to see a huge waste of money, just be sure to watch the ads that are shown during the Super Bowl. Those ads are designed to be funny and cute and win various advertising awards, but those ads rarely make their companies any real profit because they’re simply not measurable.

Branding and image advertising makes sense for fortune 500 companies with really deep pockets, but for the average small business owner, you must be able to measure the success of every marketing campaign or advertisement you run, otherwise you’re just throwing money out the window.

When it comes to smart marketing and adversiting, the truth is that you either need to know how to write and design good ads yourself, or have the resources to hire a good marketing agency or copywriter for your business. As a business owner, you should definitely know how to create ads, letters and emails that generate leads and more sales for your business.

Whether you’re the DIY type or prefer to hire someone, I encourage you to study the great copywriters to learn some of the basic principles to develop a feel for what usually works. One of the copywriting greats you can learn a lot from is Dan Kennedy and if you simply Google his name you will find plenty of excellent copywriting resources and books available to learn from.

Here’s a quick copywriting tip sheet on the basics that every ad you create should have:

  1. Use headlines that get your prospects attention.
  2. Always have a compelling offer.
  3. Use a specific start date and a deadline in your ad.
  4. Include testimonials from satisfied customers.
  5. Include a guarantee for your products and services.
  6. Your ad must look unique and stand out from your competitors.
  7. Your ad must ONLY focus on what your customer wants.
  8. Have only one specific goal for each ad that you run. This is usually to get customers to visit your business, but it can also be to get them to signup for your mailing list or request free information from you or visit your website etc…
  9. If you’re having a sale, always let prospects know the reason WHY.
  10. Write ads that are straight to the point and easy to understand.
  11. Always use some sort of tracking mechanism so you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

Now, these 4 Keys to success listed here may seem like a lot of hard work, but the truth is you only have to do the hardest work in the very beginning.

Once you’ve established a solid foundation to work with at the start, your marketing will take less effort over time and you’ll develop systems that you can run almost on autopilot if you wish!