Some of the most valuable real estate in your business can be found in your business signage. If you have been in business any amount of time then you already know that good business signage can be critical in helping customers locate your business, but have you ever thought about using your signage to actually attract prospects to your business?

When I talk about business signage, I am referring primarily to signs on the outside of your business windows, as I assume your roadside signage is already completed and cannot be changed.

Most of the window signs I see usually says generic things like, “Sale,” “Financing Terms Available,” or “Holiday Sale,” and in this day and time those types of signs are really not worth the plastic they’re printed on.

If you really want powerful and effective signs on the windows of your showroom, you must use signs that state your USP and draw customers into your place of business.

For example, which sign do you think is more powerful:

“Sale” or “Guaranteed Same Day Delivery on In-Stock Products or It’s FREE!”

Consider these two sign examples:

“We Sell All Major Appliances” or “FREE Delivery with Any Purchase Over $500!”

The key to having business signage that attracts prospects and customers is to focus on the benefits that your customers want. If you don’t know what the customers in your marketplace are looking for, then you should ask every prospect that comes into your business WHY they sought you out and use that information to create a USP that attracts the right type of prospect.

Another place you can use effective business signage to your advantage that many businesses overlook is inside your business. Getting a prospect through your doors with effective signage is critical, but once in your office, store or building, you must have signs that capture the prospects attention and compel them to ask you about your products and services.

Here’s a quick test you can perform to see if you have great signage in your business: When is the last time a customer was in your business and pointed to a sign and asked you about that product/program/service/offer? If the answer is never or you can’t remember, then chances are that your in-business signage isn’t working as effectively as it could be.

Effective in-business signage can help your staff close a sale, remind customers of why they came into your business or keep a sale closed for you because customers are constantly reminded of your unique USP. When possible, you should also display any awards or recognitions along with the best testimonials you’ve received inside your waiting room, office, or on your website too!